Pastor Andrea Fluegel - January 20, 2019

Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness

Jesus Tempted in the Wilderness

Jesus is tempted by the devil, enduring 40 days of this trial, angst and conflict.  In the end, he trusts in God, not the allure of the devil’s promises, giving hope to people enduring darkness every day.  Why Jesus?  Because Jesus is light.

Scripture References: Matthew 4:1-17

From Series: "Why Jesus?"

Why does God go to great lengths to save this one baby?  The truth of Jesus' story has a difficult beginning, but throughout his life Jesus will enter right into the difficulties of humanity again and again.  What is your story?  Has there been crisis, difficulty, an unexpected invitation, an unmerited forgiveness?  Who went to great lengths to bring you here today?  In this series we ask, "Why Jesus?  Because Jesus is . . ."

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