Pastor Andrea Fluegel - March 11, 2020

Risking Challenge

Risking Challenge

In this Lenten worship series, we are asking each one of us to truly reflect on how we see ourselves in the stories of Holy Week, in the passion narrative of Jesus. So picture for a moment, being in the Temple. There are rumblings and gossip and all kinds of chatter happening in the outer courtyard of the Temple. Why was Jesus risking peace, his life, the life of God’s people? I wonder if Jesus was still compelled, DRIVEN, to continue to teach. Because, maybe, the disciples, the crowd, the religious leaders still didn’t get it. Maybe that is where he is asking us to put ourselves in the picture. That even after all of our Sunday School and Confirmation lessons, after all of our small groups and Bible studies, after all of the sermons we have heard preached, we still don’t get it. We don’t get how Jesus is asking us to live our lives. And why is it that when we do seem to get it, we have a difficult time living it out on a daily basis?

Scripture References: Matthew 22:15-22

From Series: "Mid-Week Lent"

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