Pastor Andrea Fluegel - May 22, 2020

Open the Eyes of My Heart

Open the Eyes of My Heart

In this time of certain uncertainty, Jesus is indeed the living water. He is the headwaters – the source from which all that flows. Jesus is the immeasurable fullness of God that encompasses all of our concerns and questions. And because God is living, so we too live, because we are God’s people.  This letter to the Church in Ephesus calls the people of God to unity, to build up the world in the love of Jesus. It calls the church not to leave the battles of this world only to Christ, but to actively participate by pursuing truth, peace and faith. For this interactive worship, you will need snacks or your favorite foods/meal, a candle for lighting (or a flashlight or cell phone), and a worry stone (any rock will work). You are welcome to draw or color a heart every time you hear the word heart or love in this worship experience. You will also need a glass filled to the brim with water and a bowl or plate to put it in.

Scripture References: Ephesians 1:15-23

From Series: "Heart of the Matter"

"Heart of the Matter" is a seven-week series concluding with the Festival Day of Pentecost. Easter is not just a day. It is a whole season of time when we remember and celebrate that the Spirit of Jesus lives on in each of us. So over the next few weeks, we are worshiping and praising God as the early disciples (later apostles) did, in their homes with glad and generous hearts, breaking bread, and having the goodwill of all people. It is in this way, that we are connected. We are connected through the love and grace of Jesus. Worship script by Marcia McFee and Worship Design Studio.

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