Pastor Andrea Fluegel - February 21, 2021

Loving God and Neighbor

Fifth week of a six-week series called Reversal and Restoration. We are commanded by Jesus to follow the greatest commandment, “Love the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.” Remember, neighbor means someone not like you. For God’s kingdom expands and the Good News is shared when we connect with others in relationship and community. Loving the Lord doesn’t mean to just kneel at Jesus’ feet. It means that we are also to take action and respond to his teachings. Worshipping the Lord means to live out costly acts of love that are extended to others out of gratitude for the love of God. These costly acts of love sustains the followers of Jesus. It strengths us personally in our own faith journey and relationship with Christ.

Scripture References: Luke 10:25-42

From Series: "Reversal and Restoration"

This series continues to explore how the promises of God are fulfilled in the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus through the lens of the Gospel of Luke. Yet those promises are not always what we expect or think that we need. Instead, Jesus’ mission and ministry brings with it controversy, reversal, and confusion. Ultimately, his mission prepares his disciples including us to become apostles sharing the Good News of love and grace to ALL people in both word and deed.

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