Rachel Strong - June 7, 2021

Hope of New Life

Hope of New Life

Third week in a six-week series called Language of the Spirit. This week, we explore the Holy Spirit as God’s breath, spirit, and wind through the lens of the Prophet Ezekiel’s experience in the Valley of the Dry Bones. This breath, spirit, wind is called Rûah in Hebrew. Rûah is the divine animating force of life and new creation. Without it no life is possible. However, Rûah does and can create an experience in our lives that is upsetting, unnerving, and transporting and transforming. And yet, Rûah bring life beyond limits and hope beyond dreams. To the people of God who were exiled and living in captivity in Babylon, this story, this experience of the Prophet Ezekiel brings them hope. Hope that they will be restored once again as a people of God. Hope of new life. Hope and knowledge that God’s presence is still with them. So where do you see Rûah, the spirit or breath of God, working in your life and in the lives of others? How does this very character of the Holy Spirit bring you hope?

Scripture References: Ezekiel 37:1-14

From Series: "Language of the Spirit"

In this series, we explore the Holy Spirit. Who is the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity or Triune God? How does the Holy Spirit walk with us, be present with us, and guide us? We will discuss various characteristics of the Holy Spirit through Old Testament, New Testament, and Epistle scripture readings. Hopefully this series will assist you in naming and noticing the work of the Spirit in your life and in the lives of everyone you meet and also in the lives of those who you don’t even know. What exactly is the Holy Spirit up to in this time and place?

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