Bonnie Van Hise - September 14, 2021

God Wins

God Wins

Fifth week of a six-week series called The End of All Things. In this episode we explore Revelation 13. The book of Revelation is filled with cycles of warnings and promises. As we enter chapter 13, the cycle of devasting plagues has ended and judgment has fallen on humanity. Christian readers are called to see how their own communities are called to bear witness to God’s truth in the face of social opposition and threat. In this episode we explore who are the beasts? How does the trinity of the two beasts and Satan contrast with the Trinity of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit? What is the Book of Life? And what do all the numbers means in the Book of Revelation? In the end, we hear again of how God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit triumph over evil, sin and death. God wins!

Scripture References: Revelation 13:1-18

From Series: "End of All Things"

Six-week series called, The End of All Things. In this series we explore and uncover some of the mysteries in the Book of Revelation, this last book of the Bible. With which lens to we read Revelation? Is it really a futuristic book about the destruction of the world and non-Christians? Or is it a book about warnings and promises, and the hope we have in our relationship to Jesus? How do this letter from the author John relevant to us today in the 21st century? The Book of Revelation presents us with so many questions and yet, its words comfort us and give us hope. Its words are used in hymns and liturgies in the larger Church throughout the centuries, words and images that we have memorized and that have been engrained in our hearts.

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