John Van Hise - December 7, 2020

Promise of Rebuilding

Promise of Rebuilding

We are in the final week of a 6-week series called, Promises Unfold. In this series, we explore stories from the Major and Minor Prophets. This week, we look at the Prophet Isaiah. Even during exile, separation and desolation, Isaiah gives the people of God hope. The promise of God is made no matter how devastated the ruins, nor how desolate the land, God will enable it ALL to be rebuilt. As we get closer to Christmas and the birth of Jesus, we see how the promises of God unfold. They are not just words, but they come to realization in the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus. And these words of hope give us a glimpse into the future of God’s world.

Scripture References: Isaiah 61:1-11

From Series: "Promises Unfold"

A six-week series called Promises Unfold. In this series we explore stories from the Major and Minor Prophets. What do these scripture readings tell us about the very character of God and of humans? How do the promises of God unfold in times of suffering, conflict and chaos?

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