Jack Palmer - March 5, 2020

An Audacious Request

An Audacious Request

This week, Pastor Andrea Fluegel and Jack Palmer look at three stories, that at the surface seem unrelated, but are deeply intertwined with each other. Again, for the third time, the disciples argue about power, prestige and privilege immediately after Jesus tells them that he will be betrayed, die and rise again. In today's scripture, we are shown one of the most blatant examples of human self-centeredness in contrast to Jesus' humility and self-sacrifice. James' and John's attitude also is in contrast to the attitude and faith of a blind man. James' and John's request is audacious, "Jesus, we want you to do for us." Truthfully and honestly, are you more like James and John or the blind man?   Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

Scripture References: Mark 10:32-52

From Series: "Gospel of Mark"

During this series, we explore the Gospel of Mark chapter by chapter (almost). We discuss what it means to be a disciple (student/learner) of Jesus and its cost and its blessings.

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