Children & Youth

Children and Youth Ministry

Children and Youth Ministries at Prince of Peace is excited about all of the opportunities for children and youth to grow in their relationship with God and each other through Jesus Christ at church, at home, at school, and in the world. All are welcome to participate in any of these opportunities.

Children in Worship

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church welcomes all children into the worshipping community. Children learn to worship by worshipping with the congregation Sunday after Sunday. Worship is an important part of each child’s spiritual growth. Worship at Prince of Peace is family-friendly. Children and youth participate in a variety of ways during worship including being acolytes, greeting, ushering, reading scripture, and helping to lead worship. There are activity bags and worship notes to keep active children engaged.

Preparing Your Child for Worship

• Talk about worship at home and prepare your child for what may happen and what you expect of them. Play “church” at home.

• Let your child find the hymns and help hold the hymnal. Run your fingers beneath the words being sung to help your child follow along.

• Stop at the restroom before the worship service.

• Have children place your offering envelope in the offering plate.