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Breaking Bread
April 20, 2020

Breaking Bread

Passage: Luke 24:13-25
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In this week's Bible study podcast, Pastor Andrea Fluegel and Jack Palmer discuss two of the disciples walk from Jerusalem to Emmaus following the resurrection of Jesus in the Gospel of Luke. In this scripture text, the empty tomb leads to mixed evaluations - the witness of the women to the resurrection of Jesus and the disbelief of the two male disciples. The scandal of the cross has become for them a stumbling block in their faith and belief in Jesus as the Messiah. In addition, two of the major themes of this scripture are: lack of recognition of who Jesus is and what does it mean to drift away from the community of disciples. For the two disciples failure of insight comes from the failure to embrace the ways of God. This is what it means when Jesus says they are "slow of heart." How are we "slow of heart?" How do we recognize Jesus but disregard his call to love and serve the neighbor and stranger?