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End Times and Pandemics
March 30, 2020

End Times and Pandemics

Passage: Mark 13:1-37
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Bible Text: Mark 13:1-37Series: Gospel of Mark

This week, Pastor Andrea Fluegel and Jack Palmer discuss Jesus talking to the disciples about war, rumors of wars, earthquakes and famines days before his arrest and crucifixion. Many times we interpret this passage about us being vigilant in memorizing scripture, not missing worship, and keeping an extremely high moral standard so that when Jesus comes again, we will be ready for Judgment Day. However,  looking at Jesus' teaching in the previous chapter, we need to make sure that we connect "The Greatest Commandment" and the widow's mite to Jesus' teaching about war, earthquakes, famine, and pandemics. What are we to be on the watch for? What does it mean, especially in the time of COVID-19, to stake awake?