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Trading Places
January 6, 2020

Trading Places

Passage: Mark 1:21-45
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This week, Pastor Andrea Fluegel and Jack Palmer discuss the healing ministry of Jesus. The evil spirits knew who Jesus was from the very beginning, but the disciples and the crowds of people still had to discover that Jesus was the Messiah, God in the flesh. Jesus heals many, including a man with unclean spirits, Simon's mother-in-law, and a man with leprosy. In the process, Jesus foreshadows his death on the cross by trading places with the man with leprosy. The leper places burdens on Jesus and pushes him to the outside of the community with his complacency and disregard of Jesus' commands. The leper also doesn't just doubt God's ability but God's willingness to heal or fix our lives. How do you relate to the man with leprosy?