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Worship Experience: Look at Me!
June 19, 2020

Worship Experience: Look at Me!

Passage: Acts 3:1-10
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Pre-recorded for Sunday, June 21, 2020

We continue the series on the Early Church and its struggles, conflicts, and joys. It’s surprising in this scripture text that Peter tells the disabled man at the gate, “Look at me.” It’s a simple sentence. But one that is incredibly powerful. Peter didn’t go to the gate to heal. He was going to the Temple to worship as all devote Jews did, even the ones who believed Jesus was the Messiah. But when he got there, he found this man, begging for money every day for his mere survival. And Peter said, “I have no silver or gold.” Evangelism, sharing the Good News of Jesus, did not come from Peter giving the man money. The Good News came from three simple words, “Look at me.” In those words, there was the mercy, love and grace of Jesus.

A PDF version of the order of service (bulletin) and a downloadable audio version of the sermon are below. The bulletin includes the words to the hymns.

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From Sundays and Seasons.com. Copyright 2020 Augsburg Fortress. All rights reserved. Reprinted by permission under Augsburg Fortress Liturgies Annual License #SAS003288. CCLI License #11245532. One License # A-709338. Hand/butterfly image by Photo by David Clode on Unsplash. Piano music by Linda Brainard and Jo Simmons. Soloist is Pamalyn Lee. Dramatist: John Van Hise.

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