Gathered and Sent

Bonnie Van Hise - November 16, 2020

Promise of New Covenant

Promise of New Covenant

Third week in a 6-week series called Promises Unfold. In this series, we explore stories from the Major and Minor Prophets. This week, we look at the Prophet Jeremiah. Jeremiah became a prophet at a young age near the City of Jerusalem. Conquering armies were right outside the gates of the city. And Jeremiah literally gives the written Word of God to the King, only to have it be burned in a fire. Jeremiah reminds us that God's Word is indeed etched on our hearts, because God is constantly and faithfully present with us. God wants to be in a deep, meaningful relationship with each one of us.

Scripture References: Jeremiah 36:1-8, Jeremiah 36:27-28, Jeremiah 36:21-23, Jeremiah 31:31-34

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