Gathered and Sent

John Van Hise - March 22, 2021

A Gift from God

A Gift from God

Fourth week of a six-week series called Lost and Found. We continue to explore how the promises of God are fulfilled in the birth, life, death and resurrection of Jesus through the lens of the Gospel of Luke. In this episode, we explore Jesus’ entry into the city of Jerusalem. But Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem isn’t what we expect or what the disciples and the crowd expect it to be or mean. Usually, we call this story “Jesus’ Triumphant Entry.” And yet, if it was so triumphant, why then do we immediately hear that Jesus weeps over Jerusalem. What is actually happening here? The people in the crowd and the disciples think that Jesus is coming as a liberator and king, and that he will overturn the oppressive Roman government with military might and authority. However, Jesus does come as liberator, king, and the overturn-er of all things with his authority. It just isn’t what we think it should look like. Jesus will indeed bring peace. It isn’t the absence of war or conflict that he is talking about here. Jesus brings peace that is defined as a gift of God that embraces salvation for all people in all of its social, material and spiritual realities.

Scripture References: Luke 19:29-44

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