Gathered and Sent

Barb Zima - June 14, 2021

Presence of Justice

Presence of Justice

Fourth week in a six-week series called Language of the Spirit. This week, we continue to explore the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Trinity or Triune God through the lens of the Prophet Isaiah. Again, we find hope through the Spirit. But we also discover that through the Holy Spirit we experience the expression of grace from a just and faithful God. In this scripture, Rûah, the Spirit, the breath, the wind of God is the source of wisdom, integrity and truth. Rûah destroys the wicked, those that oppress others, not with swords and spears but with justice, equity, and faithfulness. Yet, we have to be careful in our reading of this text. The Holy Spirit does not create utopia. The Spirit will generate something more than just something of this earthly world. The Spirit will create justice for the poor and equity for the meek in a world broken and fraught with political peril. Often, we don’t name and notice the characteristics of justice and equity that the Holy Spirit has. Where else in the Old and New Testaments do you see this very character of the Holy Spirit being poured out to the world? And how does a new shoot from the stump of Jesse play into how the Holy Spirit works in our lives and in the lives of all people in this world?

Scripture References: Isaiah 11:1-9

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