Gathered and Sent

Jack Palmer - May 31, 2021

Creation and Prayer

Creation and Prayer

Second week in a six-week series called Language of the Spirit. This week, we explore the Holy Spirit. Over the next several weeks, we will take a deep dive into who the Holy Spirit is and the Holy Spirit’s characteristics. And we will attempt to get at your bigger questions of how does the Holy Spirit work in and through our individual and communal lives. Today, through the Apostle Paul’s Letter to the Romans, we explore things like creation, climate change, hope, and the Holy Spirit as a bridge. The Holy Spirit bridges the gap between our present status and our future deliverance. And we discuss how the Holy Spirit intercedes for us when we don’t have the words to say. How does is the Holy Spirit involved in our prayer life both individually and corporately? And we explore the bigger question, what does it mean when we say that the Holy Spirit is love woke within our hearts?

Scripture References: Romans 8:19-27

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