Gathered and Sent

Rachel Strong - December 6, 2019

Ezra: Rebuilding and Return

This week, Pastor Andrea Fluegel and Rachel Strong discuss the return of God's people from exile back to Jerusalem through the book of Ezra-Nehemiah. This is a story about God's redemption but it is also about the foundation of God's people to live out the two greatest commandments to love the Lord God with all your heart, mind and soul and to love your neighbor as yourself. The story of God's people are wrapped in the current political context of the day - a foreign king, invading armies, and the question, "Where are people to worship and atone for their sins?" This Advent season, how do you rebuild and restore your relationship to God? How does God through Jesus restore God's relationship with you?

Scripture References: Ezra 1:1-4, Ezra 3:1-13

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