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Worship & Podcasts

All are welcome to listen, download and participate in audio Bible studies, informational and inspiring podcasts, audio sermons, and pre-recorded worship videos. Use these tools and resources to stay connected with Jesus and one another.

Your financial support is greatly appreciated to continue to provide these ministry opportunities. You can give by mail, online or by texting your dollar amount to 833.394.7887 (follow the prompts). Thank you for your generosity. Your gifts make a huge difference in someone’s life.

Stories of Galilee

January 21, 2019
This week, Alex Fluegel shares stories about his time in the Holy Land. He reflects on his time at the Sea of Galilee and the Church of the Beautitudes.
Jesus is tempted by the devil, enduring 40 days of this trial, angst and conflict.  In the end, he trusts in God, not the allure of the devil’s promises, giving…

Matthew 5

January 17, 2019
This week's mini-Bible study focuses on Matthew 5 and the Beatitudes. Pastor Andrea Fluegel discusses with Jon Cook how these "Blessed are those" statements are relevant for us today.
This week, Pastor Andrea Fluegel and Congregation President Mike Bishop discuss Prince of Peace's core values of spirituality, grace, community, helping others, and creativity.

Baptism of Our Lord

January 13, 2019
John proclaims the kingdom of heaven has come near.  What is the kingdom of heaven?  It is God at work in human affairs.  God entering into relationship with humanity.  Here,…

Matthew 4

January 11, 2019
This week, Pastor Andrea Fluegel and Jon Cool explore Matthew 4:1-17 about Jesus' time in the wilderness following his baptism.
By God's grace and through the love of Jesus, powered by the Holy Spirit, 2018 has been a year of generosity and impact. This week, Mike Bishop, Prince of Peace…
Why does God go to great lengths to save this one baby?  The truth of Jesus' story has a difficult beginning, but throughout his life Jesus will enter right into…

Matthew 3

January 4, 2019
This week's Bible study, with Pastor Andrea Fluegel and Jon Cook, reflects on John the Baptizer and the baptism of Jesus.

Matthew 2

December 31, 2018
This is the very first Bible study podcast from Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Eagle River, Wisconsin. Pastor Andrea Fluegel along with Jon Cook discuss the following Sunday's scripture…