Promise of Creation

Pastor Andrea Fluegel - September 26, 2020

World As Promise

Over the next six weeks, we are focusing on the theme “Returning to the Promise.” It seems rather strange to start this series with the creation story and the Garden of Eden. But what happens after Adam and Eve eat of the fruit? They hid themselves. But God seeks them out. God doesn’t leave them. God calls after them. And as we will hear over and over again in the Old Testament stories, God continually returns to God’s promise of love, mercy and faithfulness. For creation is about the world as promise and anticipation. It’s anticipation of how God’s hope and love and our participation in God’s ongoing creative process continues throughout the generations.

Scripture References: Genesis 2:4-7, Genesis 3:1-8, Genesis 2:15-17

From Series: "Returning to the Promise"

"Returning to the Promise" is a seven-week series based on stories from the Old Testament. Often, we are told that the Old Testament is full of judgement, wrath, and anger. But the Old Testament describes the very character of a loving God who continues to return to the faithful promise of unconditional and ongoing love for all of creation. It is why we first ground ourselves in "God is love" from 1 John 4.

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