Adult Education

Prince of Peace has a variety of opportunities throughout the year for adults to grow in their relationship with Jesus and with other adults. Opportunities include Bible studies, video studies, book studies and spiritual practices. Opportunities are usually held on Wednesday mornings at 10:30 a.m.


Coffee with Pastor Andrea

During the summer months, we head to the local coffee shops for an informal time of discussion about the church, life, and how we share the Good News with others. Contact the church office for specific location, time and date.

Mini-Bible Study Podcast

Each Tuesday, a new podcast will be posted discussing the upcoming Sunday worship scripture that focuses on the Gospel of Matthew.

Facebook Online Discussion Group

If you are interested in an online group to discuss this material, please visit “POP Dwelling in the Word” on Facebook.

Daily Scripture Readings

If you would like to go deeper into the Gospel of Matthew on your own during the week, below is a list od daily scripture readings and video links in conjunction with the Mini-Bible Study podcasts. While traveling, on-the-go, or just in need of some queit study, these daily readings will help get you started digging deeper into God’s Word.

Monday, April 29                      Acts 3:1-10

Tuesday, April 30                     Bible Study podcast*

Wednesday, May 1                  Acts 4:23-37

Thursday, May 2                       Acts 5:1-11

Friday, May 3                             Acts 6:1-15

Saturday, May 4                        Acts 9:36-43

Sunday, May 5                           Acts 10:1-48


Monday, May 6                         Acts 11:1:18

Tuesday, May 7                         Bible Study podcast*

Wednesday, May 8                  Acts 11:19-30

Thursday, May 9                       Acts 12:1-19

Friday, May 10                           Acts 12:20-25

Saturday, May 11                      Acts 13:1-12

Sunday, May 12                         Acts 14:8-18


Monday, May 13                       Acts 15:1-21

Tuesday, May 14                       Bible Study podcast*

Wednesday, May 15                Acts 16:11-40

Thursday, May 16                     Acts 17:16-34

Friday, May 17                           Acts 26:1-32

Saturday, May 18                      Acts 28:11-31

Sunday, May 19                         Romans 1:1-17


Monday, May 20                       Romans 2:1-16

Tuesday, May 21                       Bible Study podcast*

Wednesday, May 22                Romans 3:1-19

Thursday, May 23                     Romans 3:20-31

Friday, May 24                          Romans 4:1-12

Saturday, May 25                      Romans 4:13-25

Sunday, May 26                         Romans 5:1-11


Monday, May 27                       Romans 5:12-21

Tuesday, May 28                       Bible Study podcast*

Wednesday, May 9                  Romans 6:1-14

Thursday, May 30                     Romans 8:14-39

Friday, May 31                           Romans 10:1-21

Saturday, June 1                        Romans 12:1-21

Sunday, June 2                           Romans 16:1-16