Adult Education

Prince of Peace has a variety of opportunities throughout the year for adults to grow in their relationship with Jesus and with other adults. Opportunities include Bible studies, video studies, book studies and spiritual practices. 

Gathered and Sent Podcast

Everyday Bible for Everyday People. Weekly Bible discussions based on the Narrative Lectionary. A new episode is released every Monday. Journey, as together we ask tough questions and explore the Word of God. You can find the podcast on all major podcast platforms or on this website.

Daily Scripture Readings on Facebook

If you would like to go deeper into the Bible on your own during the week, please visit “POP Dwelling in the Word” on Facebook. While traveling, on-the-go, or just in need of some quiet study, these daily readings will help get you started digging deeper into God’s Word.

Here are the upcoming scripture:

Worship Series: Promises Fulfilled Week 4

  • Monday, January 4          Isaiah 40:1-7         Promise of the Messiah
  • Tuesday, January 5          Gathered and Sent Podcast
  • Wednesday, January 6    Luke 2:41-47         Jesus Reveals His Discernment
  • Thursday, January 7        Luke 2:48-52        Jesus Understands His Mission
  • Friday, January 8             Luke 3:1-14           John as Herald of the Messiah
  • Saturday, January 9        John 1:19-27          John Reveals his Mission
  • Sunday, January 10         Luke 3:15-22        The Spirit Baptism of the Messiah

Worship Series: Promises Fulfilled Week 5

  • Monday, January 11         Luke 3:23-38   Jesus Human and Divine Heritage
  • Tuesday, January 12        Gathered and Sent Podcast
  • Wednesday, January 13 Psalm 91:9-16 God’s Protection in the Midst of Danger
  • Thursday, January 14     Luke 4:1-13     The Messiah Faces Testing and Temptation
  • Friday, January 15           Isaiah 61:1-11  God’s Salvation for All Nations
  • Saturday, January 16      Luke 4:14-20    Jesus Declares His Messiahship
  • Sunday, January 17         Luke 4:21-30   The Mission Begins. The Messiah Rejected

Worship Series: Promises Fulfilled Week 6

  • Monday, January 18        Luke 4:31-41       The Healing Power of The Messiah 
  • Tuesday, January 19        Gathered and Sent Podcast
  • Wednesday, January 20  Luke 4:42-44        The Messiah Expands The Mission
  • Thursday, January 21       Matthew 4:17-25  The Messiah Gathers His Disciples 
  • Friday, January 22            Psalm 90:13-17    A Prayer for Reclamation
  • Saturday, January 23        Luke 5:1-7              The Miraculous Catch of Fish
  • Sunday, January 24           Luke 5:8-11           Disciples: The Fishers of Humanity


Coffee with Pastor Andrea

During the summer months, we head to the local coffee shops for an informal time of discussion about the church, life, and how we share the Good News with others. Contact the church office for specific location, time and date.