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Pastor Andrea Fluegel - April 24, 2021

Initiators and Verifiers

Second week of a six-week series called Expanding the Table. We never know what the Holy Spirit is up to and how and where and when the Holy Spirit wants us to live out the commission of Jesus to be his witnesses to the end of the earth. Just like Philip and the Twelve, and what Peter and Paul later came to realize, the table of Jesus is expanded regardless of our own plans, thoughts, or ideas. Philip could have resisted the Holy Spirit. But he didn’t. How often have you, yourself, struggled with this? To be initiators of sharing the Good News and to live out his mission and ministry every day to all people, all nations, and all of creation. Jesus wants us to have an open and willing heart to be led by the Holy Spirit working in, through and among each one of us and as a gathered community in his name for the sake of all people. That openness will take us to unexpected and unplanned places where we will encounter people that might make us feel uncomfortable. Being a witness, being an initiator is uncomfortable, risky and challenging. But that is what Jesus calls us to do.

Scripture References: Acts 8:26-39

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