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Pastor Andrea Fluegel - September 12, 2021

Peace on Earth

Fourth week of a six-week series called the End of All Things. This week we explore Revelation chapters 6 and 7. The visions that the author John shares stand for larger realities. Yes, these were genuine threats for people in the first century during the time of Jesus as well as after his death. There were waves of conquest, outbreaks of violence, periods of economic hardship, and death. In fact, these national and world events come to all of us. We can’t escape them, especially death. In the end, death will happen to each and everyone of us. The four horsemen are images that represent the threats to peace, justice and ultimately Jubilee in God’s created world - for every people, language, tribe and nation.

Scripture References: Revelation 6:1-8, Revelation 7:9-17

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